The Great American Daredevil Thrill Show


Great American Daredevil Show™

is the new and unique presentation of the best wheeled-sport world record holders in one unforgettable, spectacular show.

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The Great American Daredevil Show showcases athletic achievement and triumph in the face of overwhelming obstacles in a dazzling exhibition.


The Most Spectacular Show in the World
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Introduction to Great American Daredevil Show

The Great American Daredevil Show (GADS) is the unprecedented combination of many of the best wheeled sport world record holders in one spectacular show designed to challenge the sense of the possible. This show has been specifically assembled for Chinese audiences to display the highest level of athletic achievement. The Chinese commitment to the Olympics demonstrates a willingness to explore different types of entertainment and athletic events. Everyone involved at every level in The Great American Daredevil Show (GADS) has expressed serious commitment to making this an unforgettable viewing experience. It is our extreme pleasure and honor to bring this high-action-packed thrill show to the great country of China.

From the moment the spectators walk into the stadium, they will be dazzled with our special sound effects and music. Two large screens show high impact videos of our talent with death-defying acts that will make any heart skip a beat! Our show has a combination of motorcycle jumping, firewall crashing, freestyle trick stunts, pyrotechnics, extreme freestyle jumping, and a fabulous exhibition of stunt riding. “The Take Down” car crash act will stun and excite viewers. During intermission our very own “GADS SHE DEVILS” cheerleaders will delight audiences with dance and acrobatics. Fifty random members of each audience will receive free fabulous GADS T-Shirts; and we will draw a stadium seat number, the winner of which will receive an official stunt helmet bearing signatures of the professional performers, at an estimated value of RMB 10,000.

Great American Daredevils Show Highlights Video
Our Grand Finale will feature over 20 American Superstars, each performing in his own venue, with a soul-moving Spectacular Ending. There has never been a thrill show as spectacular as The Great American Daredevils Show. The excitement will be infectious; and will leave audiences with a new perspective on triumph over adversity. Join us in making this never-before-seen in China event become reality.
Jay Horowitz
Chief Executive Officer
Debbie Lawler
Vice President
Producer and General Manager


Great American Daredevils
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The Most Spectacular Show in the World!

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Great American Daredevils Show Highlights Video